Maybe we'll remember

Among These Bones - Book 3



In the thrilling conclusion to the Among These Bones trilogy, Alison and Chase work to unravel the conspiracy theories that have haunted them for as long as they can remember. As Alison begins her final battle with the Agency to restore her memories and free those still imprisoned in the Zones, she must answer the question: How far will a mother go to save her son?

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Among These Bones

Alison and her son Arie survived a global pandemic along with a remnant of humanity, but the annual cure that keeps them alive also steals their memories. The harsh rule of a shadowy governing organization known as The Agency is grim enough, but Alison's world is torn apart when Arie goes missing. Alison joins a team of resistance fighters to uncover the truth, but if she can't find Arie before she has to take the serum again, she won't remember she even has a son.

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