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A Mermaid in Middle Grade
Book 1 - The Talisman of Lostland

Lexile score: 790L

A Magical Mermaid Fantasy Adventure for children ages 8-12

A young mermaid. A sea witch out for revenge. Can Brynn Finley become a sea guardian and help humans in danger when she just barely started the sixth grade?

Brynn Finley is the only mermaid in class who hasn't been able to learn mer-magic. Without it, she can't be a guardian of the sea with her parents and friends. On her quest for answers, Brynn encounters a loveable sea turtle, a pair of selkie sisters, and Phaedra, the great and terrible sea witch. Soon Brynn is over her head in trouble, and she must learn to ask for help if she's going to follow the merfolk oath to be a protector of the ocean and a guardian of the sea.

2 FAR FINDING RING ebook-500x750.jpg
A Mermaid in Middle Grade
Book 2 - The Far-Finding Ring

Lexile score: 740L

A Magical Mermaid Fantasy Adventure for children ages 8-12

A young mermaid. False accusations. The dreadful sea witch. Can Brynn Finley navigate stormy waters to win back her best friend?

Jade Sands has been Brynn Finley’s best friend since they were wee mer-babies. But when Jade’s mother thinks Brynn has stolen her cherished pearls, she forbids the two mermaids to see one another. Determined to get her best friend back, Brynn sets out to find Phaedra the sea witch and solve the mystery of the missing jewelry. On her quest, Brynn makes new friends, learns new mer-magic, and discovers what it really means to be a friend.

3 VOICES OF HARMONY ebook-200x300.jpg
A Mermaid in Middle Grade
Book 3 - Voices of Harmony
Lexile score: 790L

A Magical Mermaid Fantasy Adventure for children ages 8-12

An unhealthy coral reef and pollution in the ocean. An entire undersea town turned upside-down. Can Brynn Finley solve Fulgent’s latest mystery and get to the Jay Barracuda and the Killer Whales concert before Phaedra the sea witch turns her into a lowly sea slug?

When a beautiful and talented young mermaid named Priscilla Banks moves to Fulgent, everything starts going wrong for mermaid Brynn Finley. Her best friend ignores her, the sea witch is set free, and the seafolk of Fulgent are acting very strangely. As Brynn searches for clues, she learns a lot about friendship and settling differences, but time is running out—the sea witch has another dastardly and disgusting scheme to rid the oceans of humans. Soon the entire town is chasing Brynn, and her only friend is her trusty pet sea turtle!

Hannah Saves the World
Lexile score: 840L
An Action Adventure Mystery for children ages 8-12
Hannah’s got a funny feeling that it’s up to her to save the entire world, but before she can do so, she and her skeptical best friend Mia have to figure out what they’re saving the world from! As the girls’ detective work proceeds, they uncover a chain of clues that might unravel the children’s mystery of the vandalized town playground, but what about the massive space cruiser parked high in the stratosphere, and the aliens inside who are laying plans to invade Earth? Can a pair of middle-school detectives really save the world? Find out in this funny book for tweens!


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